Mestizart Restaurant in Banos Ecuador

Mestizart Restaurant continues the tradition of being here to serve no matter what your background is. Convenient but also with a wow factor through flavours and exciting all your senses.

Ecuadorian Restaurant

Ecuadorian cuisine is a melting pot of different cultures which have come together to form a unique blend of flavours and techniques.

Your ecuadorian food restaurant

From the riches of the sea, to the fruits of the amazon, to the tubers and grains from the fertile valleys of the Andes.

Ecuador offers a great gastronomy, enriched from the diversity of the Andes mountains, rainforest and the Pacific coast’s.- Our flavorful dishes are made from the best quality from regional & seasonal ingredients at our restaurant.

In Mestizart Restaurant we celebrate the Andes’ stunning world of textiles, contemporary art, crafts and culture all in one place, the downtown of Banos Ecuador.

We invite you to come and experience the rich and exotic culinary heritage of Ecuador that is Mestizart Restaurant.

As my grandmother used to say: Aquí se cocina con cariño (Here we cook with love).